Teen Health Card Scheme

The Teen Health Care Scheme is a new way of accessing services at the surgery. Our name, address, telephone number and website are on one side of the card and you can sign your name on the reverse.

Keep it somewhere safe and accessible, so that if you need to see us for an urgent problem, it is easy to find.

To use it, bring it with you to the surgery, telephone or visit the website and say that you have a teen card and that you need to see the nurse or doctor urgently. You will be seen by a nurse or doctor on the same day, hopefully without you having to come back later. The receptionist will not ask you why. You do not need to come with a parent and we treat your problems with total confidentiality.

We hope this is something that you will use if you need to and by offering this access to teenagers, we can solve problems before they develop into bigger situations. Please feedback to us any comments that you may have regarding the system.