2nd Aug 2023

Surgery Improvements

Exciting Developments

After much negotiation and planning we expect to start improvement works at both Asplands and Woburn Surgeries.  At Asplands, Reception will move, creating a more private area for telephone calls and a reception that is separate from the waiting room.  We will create a group consultation room downstairs which enables groups of patients with the same condition to gain support from a clinician and each other.  There will be two new consulting rooms and an improved access toilet.  At Woburn, we will again be moving the reception desk so that we can have more support staff working at Woburn, a more up to date Dispensary and create a new consulting room at Woburn.

These changes will inevitably involve some disruption over the coming months, and we would ask that you take care when on site.  There will be notices to support your safety but if you think you will need additional support, please mention this when booking appointments.  There will be times when you may be offered a telephone consultation as some clinicians will need to work from home.  If you start an online consultation, we will better understand your needs before a call.  Work to our dispensaries will mean some disruption at Asplands and we will be moving the dispensary at Woburn temporarily to the first door as you enter.

29th Apr 2022

Help Us Help You – A guide to your local health services in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes

With all the different ways to access health services, it can be confusing to know the best place to go.

Our guide can help you make the right choice.

Please view the below document for more information:

Help us help you and your family stay well

29th Apr 2022

Improvements to Access to your GP Service

Asplands and Woburn Surgeries are improving the way you can contact the practice.

Online Contact

In March 2020 we introduced an online consultation tool which enabled patients to outline their symptoms, how long they had had those symptoms, what they wanted and add photographs if appropriate.  The benefits we have seen are:

  • Patients can make a contact at a time that is convenient to them, even when we are shut.
  • It can filled out on a computer or smart phone
  • Clinicians can look through a patient’s notes before a consultation,
  • Clinicians have a clearer understanding of what the patient wants
  • Patients can be more appropriately prioritised according to clinical need
  • Patients given links to useful and supportive guidance for their symptoms including effective self care

Enagage Consult

We have recently gone back to Engage Consult. Having listened to patient feedback, we are using this to enable patients easier access to the admin and secretarial teams as well as giving them more relevant questions and information based on the condition they are concerned about.

29th Apr 2022

Waiting Times At Your Local Hospital

Find the waiting times at your local hospital:

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