Ascent Social Prescribing

Social Prescriber - Bethan Workman

Role Overview -

To link patients to their community services, for example if you are isolated, lonely or have housing or money issues (this is not exhaustive); facilitating personalised outcomes to improve/maintain health and wellbeing using community connections. To research and make sure services/community resources are appropriate and details are accurate before signposting. Link and network with other services, agencies and charities and identify gaps in community groups. We partnership work with other Health and Social Care Professionals to provide best care possible.

Work Schedule - 

Monday - Walnut Tree - 8am-4pm
Tuesday - 8am-4pm
Wednesday - Asplands - 8am-4pm
Thursday - Walnut tree - 10am-2:30pm - Fishermead - 3pm-6pm
Friday - 8am-12pm