Ascent Physiotherapy

First Contact Physiotherapist - Matt Cooper

Role Overview -

To provide advanced level decision making and clinical reasoning skills to assess, diagnose, triage and treat a multitude of patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. An Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) incorporates advanced level skills and knowledge within their physiotherapy practice.  APPs use their skills to address complex decision-making processes in the management of patients with a range of presentations in both intervention and preventative care. APPs have completed an advanced program of studies beyond their initial physiotherapy training which will include the development of a range of skill and knowledge such as independent prescribing, injecting and advanced joint manipulative techniques. 

Working Schedule - 

Mon 8am to 5pm - Asplands
Tues 8am to 5pm - Fishermead
Thursday and Friday 8am to 5pm - Walnut Tree